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Pharmaceutical and medical sales outsourcing - We will sell it for you!



EFSETE Pharma represents pharmaceutical companies and their products in sales, marketing and customer care in Czech Republic. The beginning is dated four years ago by cooperation with SILVANOLS Ltd., which now has in Czech Republic its own branch office. Since then, we have been cooperating with VEGAL Pharma Ltd., SynCare Plus Ltd., GEOREN EUROPE Ltd., CARUN PHARMACY Ltd., NanoComplex Ltd., VAN-TEC MEDICAL Ltd. and others.

We offer sales OUTSOURCING in these predefined or individually set up segments:

1. SHARED TEAM: Sales team works for multiple companies / brands in targeted pharmacy / doctor’s segment.

2. SPECIALIZED TEAM: Sales team is set up for one customer only and has full and direct access to the team.

3. CALL CENTER SERVICES: Sales, marketing or back office services are provided by the Call Center. Call center can work on a project independently or either as a primary or secondary support to a shared or dedicated team.

4. PROMOTIONS: Sales or product promotions in pharmacies, congresess, sales centers (including the establishment of a longer stand).

5. MARKETING: Design and establishment of web, e-shop, facebook, twitter, Instagram. Setting up click-through / targeted Internet campaigns, design / processing / production of promotional materials, products, product lines.

6. BACK OFFICE: We provide services such as processing of incoming orders, invoice documentation, complaints, sales team support, etc.

7. REGISTRATION OF PRODUCTS: We provide services for the purpose of notification or registration of food supplements, cosmetics and medical devices.

8. REPRESENTATION OF YOUR COMPANY: We will arrange the establishment of a commercial representation/branch office in the Czech Republic for foreign partners.

Our Experience

EFSETE Pharma is part of EFSETE s.r.o., which has been active on the Czech market for more than 10 years in the areas of sales mediation and customer care. 

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EFSETE Pharma is led by experienced marketers with many years of experience in pharmacy. They gained experience in various functions from a sales representative, a key account manager, a product manager, a marketing manager to a sales director both in smaller Czech companies and in multinational companies. Wed comunicate with our business partners in Czech, Slovak, English and Polish language. 

Our Goals


EFSETE Pharma is RELIABLE and READY to provide AVAILABLE services at a PROFESSIONAL level while maintaining high PERFORMANCE and EFFICIENCY.

RELIABILITY - Our goal is loyalty to the partner and taking responsibility for the sale or other services on contractually agreed products, i.e. medicines, medical devices, food supplements or cosmetics.

READY - Our goal is always to be ready to provide the service our partner wants. Satisfying the complex requirements of partners with a huge emphasis on individual approach is a priority on which we pride ourselves.

AVAILABILITY - Our goal is to provide an affordable service to all our clients, from multinational companies on the one hand, to “solitaires” who are trying to penetrate Czech market with novelty products, without their own experience with the pharmaceutical market.

PROFESSIONALITY - A top team of professionals with a history of work both in multinational companies and smaller Czech pharmaceutical companies. A team that continually learns both product knowledge and sales skills, marketing and self-management.

PERFORMANCE - Our goal is to achieve and exceed specific sales results agreed with our partner. Continuous monitoring of sales goals, messages and their adjustment with our partner for maximum performance, is the perpetual mobile of our business skills.

EFFICIENCY - Our goal is to save our partners costs for their own sales team, while maintaining high quality business visits, delivering messages and achieving sales results.

Get To Know Us


VEGALL Pharma s.r.o.

VEGALL Pharma s.r.o.

Company VEGALL Pharma s.r.o. successfully cooperates with Austrian company SANAMED and markets their products on Czech market.

Namman Muay

Namman Muay

Devakam Apothecary Hall, the manufacturer of Namman Muay was founded back in 1930 in Bangkok, Thailand. At that time the founder of the company pharmacist Thongtos Intratat, a boxing enthusiast and gym owner, formulated the original composition of the Namman Muay liniment, so he could help his boxers to warm up faster before boxing matches.

Syncare Plus, s.r.o.

Syncare Plus, s.r.o.

Syncare Plus, s.r.o. is professional Czech biocosmetic and dermo cosmetic company.



GEOREN EUROPE s.r.o. is a company marketing brand Lansinoh that specializes on products that protect women from sore and cracked nipples.

TraumaPet® Ag

TraumaPet® Ag

TraumaPet® Ag is a nanotechnological veterinary product range using antibacterial effects of silver.



SILVANOLS is Latvian Green Pharma company, with more than 20 years of history in making food supplements, medical devices and medical products.



CARUN PHARMACY s.r.o. is a Czech company offering a wide range of natural cannabidiol (CBD) cannabis products, which are exported to many countries around the world.



VAN-TEC MEDICAL s.r.o. is engaged in the sale of quality and innovative medical technologies recognized worldwide from companies Kubtec, Roesys and Villa Sisterini Medicali.

Case Studies

Client asked us to present his/her product through shared team aiming at segment of pharmacies and doctors. Based on the requirements, we ensured:

  • Expansion of shared team promotions by new product
  • Listing new product within distributors
  • Secured sales channels through pharmaceutical chains
  • Designed and printed promotional materials
  • Organized product and sales training at our own premises

A client asked us to build a specialized team of representatives to represent the client´s company products in the segment of pharmacies and doctors. Based on the requirements, we ensure:

  • Establishment of a specialized team of representatives, including modern technical equipment
  • CRM system with online ordering system
  • Consultation and translation of marketing materials
  • Training on our own premises
  • Estabilisment of the consignment store at the wholesaler
  • Sales channels for pharmaceutical chains

The client asked us for an assistance in order to set up sales meetings. Based on the requirements, we ensured:

  • The target database required by the client
  • Training / appointing a Personal Operator who made the first contact with the client from the database and arranged a meeting or provided the first information about the product
  • That the requested information is sent to the client in the form of an email or a letter
  • A verification of a meeting the day before it took place


Become part of the EFSETE Pharma Team! We are still looking for capable colleagues who are not afraid of challenges, have experience on the pharmaceutical market, love business and enjoy contact with customers and meeting wonderful people. We are looking forward meeting you! Try your luck with us.